The IEA Clean Coal Centre's first workshop on high efficiency, low emissions coal-fired plant (HELE2016) was held on 23-25 May in Tokyo, Japan
Presenters included: Amec Foster Wheeler, B&W, China Electricity Coucil, CSIRO, Doosan Babcock, EDF China, Energy Industries of Ohio (US AUSC update), EPPEI (China), GE, Greenbank, Huaneng Corporation (Greengen Project), JCOAL, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, MHPS, NETL, 8 Rivers Capital (the Allam Cycle), Sandvik, Siemens, Special Metals, Tohoku Electric Power E&C, and many others.
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Workshop attendees can log into their accounts and select 'Conference Programme' to download the presentations (select slide show icons) and accompanying papers where submitted (pdf icons). All presentations will be made accessible to the general public from January 2017.
Building on the success of the IEA CCC's previous workshops on advanced ultra-supercritical (A-USC) power plant and efficiency upgrading, HELE2016 will integrate these themes as a single event on high efficiency coal power plant of the future. Featured topics include:
  • Materials and designs for supercritical, USC, and A-USC power plant
  • New technologies for upgrading power plant efficiency and flexibility
  • Developments in integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) and fuel cells (IGFC)
  • Advanced power cycles
  • Advanced pollutant controls
  • Policy and financial mechanisms to promote uptake of HELE power plant

A transition to higher efficiency power generation is essential if coal is to remain a viable energy source in a low carbon future. While state-of-the-art ultrasupercritical coal plants routinely achieve efficiencies of 45%, ongoing research into high-temperature materials may enable advanced-USC plant with 50% efficiency to be realised by the end of the decade. At the same time, developments in alternative power cycles such as IGCC, fuel cells, or supercritical CO2 cycles have the potential for pushing this efficiency barrier still further.

Despite these advances, less than half of the plants commissioned last year employed supercritical steam cycles, and non-HELE plants represent the majority of the world's coal fleet. Strategies for optimising the efficiency of existing plants include improving heat integration, upgrades to steam turbines and boilers, and installation of advanced control and monitoring systems.

With coal remaining the world's largest source of power, increasing the uptake of these HELE technologies will make a significant impact on global carbon emissions, as well as paving the way for carbon capture and storage.

HELE2016 will take place at TEPIA - a centre for technological innovation in the Aoyama district of Tokyo. The workshop will conclude with a visit to the renowned Isogo Power Plant on Tokyo bay, featuring two high-efficiency 600 MW USC units fitted with the pioneering ReACT multipollutant control system.

The IEA Clean Coal Centre and NEDO welcome you to HELE2016 in Tokyo next May.


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